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Job Opening Information Health Teaching Assistant

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Health Teaching Assistant
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School Related Personnel
Job Description
  1. Assists teachers by working with individual pupils or groups of pupils on special instructional projects.   
  2. Assists in preparing lesson plans, individualized education programs (IEPs) and student grades.
  3. Prepares planned instructional materials, attendance reports and class reports.      
  4. Supervises student involved in non-classroom activities under the general supervision of a teacher.      
  5. Implements/follows teachers instructions of classroom procedures; reinforcement, philosophy and consistency.      
  6. Makes appropriate referrals when difficulties arise and teacher is not readily available.      
  7. Assists with clerical duties related to instruction.    
  8. Demonstrates an understanding of students’ problems, keeps a firm hand, yet is courteous.    
  9. Attends Open House and grade level meetings.                                   
  10. Keeps records, writes lessons on the board, corrects students’ work. 


In addition, a Teaching Assistant (Health)


  1. Understands and is aware of medical needs of students.
  2. Assists with behavior management programs and techniques.
  3. Feeds or help students feed themselves.
  4. Assists students with toileting.
  5. Pushes student in wheelchair.
  6. Assists with loading and unloading of students on the buses.
  7. Does related work as required.
Job Category
Teaching Assistant
Job Location
To Be Determined

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